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From razor-sharp high-def image to crystal-clear sound, HD
Outdoor will turn your local park, city square, school yard,
parking lot, rooftop or even your backyard into a thrilling
outdoor cinema.

Combine our cinema-grade HD projectors, pro audio, and
outdoor-rated inflatable Airscreens—delivered, set up, and
operated by our Crew in Blue—for an incredible cinematic
experience in stunning high definition, just the way the
director intended.

We only use widescreen full-HD 1920 x 1080p cinema-grade
projectors, NOT computer projectors like the other guys.

If you want it done right, go with the proven professionals. Go
with HD Outdoor, the company the film industry turns to for
their outdoor screening needs.
Oui, nous parlons français!
We provide our outdoor movie production services across Canada, including:   Newfoundland and Labrador   New
Brunswick   Nova Scotia   PEI  Quebec   Ontario   Manitoba   Saskatchewan   Alberta   British Columbia   Yukon   Northwest
For events in Nunavut, please contact us
Based in the Toronto area, serving all of Canada
Gina Murdoch, Special Events
City of Port Colborne
“We were impressed with HD Outdoor's
commitment to create the
quality experience
for our audience.”
“The event was amazing. We
so impressed with HD
Outdoor's service.

Isaac Meyer-Odell, Technical
Hot Docs Film Festival
"We’re a return customer,
and will
continue to refer
others to them
“It exceeded our expectations.
We will definitely have
HD Outdoor
back for years to come.

Joe Lotto, Leisure Events and Mktg,
Town of Bradford West Gwillimbury
HD Outdoor's Matt Drury with Tom
Shadyac, director of Bruce Almighty,
Evan Almighty, Liar Liar and Ace
Ventura: Pet Detective.
You may have heard of them.
“Communication outstanding.
Screen quality and sound
exceeded expectations
Amanda May, CIP
WB White Insurance & Financial
Halton Health OTMH Cinema
Home of the "100% Weather Guarantee"
If we can't show your entire movie due to
rain—even the last second!—we'll redo it at a
later date at no rental charge. Ask for details.
(905) 447-3535    MakeItBig@HDOutdoor.com
7 days a week
Did you know?  
We are the ONLY company with
100% Weather Guarantee.
With our competitors' puny 50 or
75% policies, if it rains halfway
through, too bad, 'cuz you're
outta luck.

We, on the other hand, will redo
your event, even if you miss the
last SECOND of your film.
even transferable to next year.

Just another reason to go with
Canada's most trusted outdoor
movie company.
HDO facts:  It's 2019 and we're STILL the only company with a 100% Weather Guarantee . . . Screens for 10 to 3000 viewers . . . Multiple screens and trucks to cover simultaneous events
What time can we start your movie? See our Movie Start Time Chart